Small Groups

Harvest Bible Chapel is all about Uncommon Community.

We aren’t just a church with small groups, we’re a church of small groups.
Small groups are the heartbeat of our church…the place where you’ll experience uncommon community, the place vital to growing in your relationship with Jesus.  Because in the end, we weren’t meant to do life alone. 
We believe...
Our small groups meet weekly in homes spread across different communities.

So why do we do small groups?

At Harvest Bible Chapel our focus is on the quality of discipleship.  We encourage those in our fellowship to “get connected” by plugging into one of our small groups.  Small Groups are not “another thing” we do at Harvest; they are the main channels for discipleship and care for each person who is a part of the Harvest family.  The purpose of these groups is to minister to and encourage one another in daily devotionals, effective prayer and mutual accountability.

Harvest Small Groups are based on these principles…

Biblical Truth

We study and apply God’s Word together upholding the Bible as the ultimate authority to govern our lives


We live out the “one another” passages and strive for a place to love and be loved, to serve and be served, to know and be known.

Mutual Ministry 

We give loving accountability, care and encouragement to grow and foster a place where there is a willingness to ask the tough questions

What happens in Harvest Small Groups?

Q: What exactly is a Small Group?

Small groups are the core of our church. They serve as the primary setting for members to live out the Biblical principles of Fellowship, Bible Study, and Accountability. At Harvest, we believe in “mutual ministry.” As God grows our church, one Pastor cannot possibly handle all of the needs of every church member. In Small Groups, we provide an environment to encourage one another to mature in the faith. In our Small Groups, we experience care, growth, and accountability in the context of authentic relationships.

Q: Is it like a Bible study? 

Yes…and so much more. Small Groups meet and work through biblically based curriculum. However, Small Groups afford to us the opportunity to relate and live life biblically. That means really getting to know and be known by others.

Q: What happens at a typical meeting?

Most meetings last around two hours. During that time the group will enjoy some fellowship, study their curriculum, and spend some time working through accountability questions. They will spend time praying and encouraging one another, and at other times they will meet to serve the needs of others outside the group.

Q: How often do groups meet?

Our groups usually meet weekly. We ask our Small Groups to meet at least three times per month.

Q: Who leads the group?

Each group has a Small Group Leader and an Apprentice Leader. Leaders must complete our Leadership training and maintain an ongoing relationship with a Pastor who’s purpose is to pray for, encourage, and equip each Small Group Leader in their role in the Body of Christ.

Q: Are children involved in Small Groups?

Because our desire is for adults to truly engage in each other’s lives, children generally do not attend groups with their parents. Many couples work out their own childcare, or sometimes our groups come up with creative ways to handle individual needs of that group’s childcare.

Small Group Covenant

Q: Why sign a small group covenant?

The small group covenant communicates the commitment of every small group member to living in uncommon community as well as to define the spirit of our community.  The covenant includes the requirements of each member as well as the biblical one another’s that helps a believer to grow in their vertical and horizontal relationships. Download the Covenant below.